Camp Rates

All Camp rates are based on a Per Week and Per Person basis in Canadian funds. Please Note that our Approx USD Values will vary from time to time and this table is not always accurate. For more information on our rates please do not hesitate to contact us.

Base Accommodations CAD
Boat Option
Boat rate CAD
Total Rate CAD
Approx. USD value
Dock Fee
Regular Boat
Upgrade Boat

Minnow harvesting requires a lot of time, effort, and planning. Quantities will vary depending on the time of season, and cannot always be guaranteed. We trap them locally which greatly reduces the chance of bringing in any invasive species. We often set the rate low at $5 per dozen and encourage our guests to use them.

News From the Owners

Good Day to all our Guests and those thinking about it: Autum has arrived and the lodge has been closed for the season, kind of!! Steve is still having fun enjoying some quiet time and checking out all sorts of things, like solar gain, wildlife, late fall fishing and living “in the bush”. The ice is slow to form on the shores of Caribou Lake due to some warm weather this fall and very little snow yet. We know we are in for some surprises! We will try and keep you updated. Meanwhile, check out some of the new photos through fall and early winter and watch for the 2024 Newsletter to be posted soon.