Winter 2023/2024

Hello to all,
We have had a gorgeous winter at Bear Paw Lodge on Caribou Lake. At one point we
had 2.5 feet of blue ice and people were traveling to their ice fishing shacks by four
wheeler and vehicles. But mother nature presented real winter the end of Feb and first
part of March with colder temps and more normal amounts of snow. with All that being said, we think
the ice will be out early this spring. So, looking forward to the blue water (not blue ice).
In other news, our tourism industry was able to get a “stay” on new legislation that would
have instituted requirements for ALL persons (including our visitors) driving boats on Canadian lakes to possess a “Pleasure Craft Operator Card”, but we were able to keep the status quo. All guests driving boats on our waters are still required to fill out the “Rental Boat Safety Checklist” forms as per
usual at the time of registration. Remember to include a digital scale in your fishing tackle box so you can weigh in on the Lodges annual fishing derby, and don't forget to bring your life jackets.
Steve will be back again this season delivering minnows and smoking trout while also being just an absolute rock star of a camp assistant.
We are looking forward to our 18th season and welcoming everyone back for an
incredible vacation and a great year of fishing.